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   Summerville is experiencing phenomenal growth from 22,000 in 1995 to over 46,000 in 2014, with over 3500 additional housing units proposed for the next five years. The corresponding traffic increase on our roadways combined with increased traffic collisions presents many challenges for our Traffic Unit. In the past 10 years, only 3 homicides occurred in our jurisdiction, but we had 15 traffic related fatalities.  Traffic officers concentrate on enforcement in high traffic areas, in areas where traffic complaints are received as well as in identified locations where collisions occur. They accomplish this by speed enforcement, videotaping intersections, patrolling for aggressive drivers, and other various enforcement initiatives. A primary goal for this unit is the efficient and effective movement of traffic on our roadways

    This division currently has nine officers assigned:

Lt. Tim Jones, Sgt. Mike Gregory. Cpl. Charles Diehl, Pfc. Bill Tolson, Pfc. Dezmon Drayton, Pfc.Ray Gayhart, Pfc. Scott Kunce and PFC. Nick Reeder. These Officers utilize unmarked and semi-marked patrol vehicles.  Sgt. Gregory and Pfc. Diehl utilize Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles. The vehicles are equipped with  state of the art devices to enhance their enforcement efforts. The cars are equipped with in-car camera systems to record traffic stops, crash investigations and other public contacts.

   The team utilizes Ka-band Radars and Kustom Prolaser III LIDAR (laser) units. They also utilize two SMART Trailers (Speed Display Trailers) which can be placed into neighborhoods to show drivers their speeds and illustrate to a neighborhood whether they in fact have a traffic problem.  The trailers are equipped with computers to record the speeds and times the speeds are registered.  A StealthStat is also used to determine the location and times of speed problems. Roughly the size of a suitcase, StealthStat is designed to be securely mounted (and locked) on a street pole where it gathers information regarding the speed and times of day of passing vehicles.   

Any information concerning traffic please contact us. We value your comments.  


Highway Safety Grant

   Kustom Prolaser III

     The Prolaser, using L.I.D.A.R. (Light Detection and Ranging technology), emits a series of infrared laser light pulses to measure both the range and velocity of targets. It emits approximately 200 to 300 light pulses per second, measuring the change in distance. The beam width is approx. 3 feet wide at 1,000 feet, making this unit target specific. Aiming is helped by a heads-up display (HUD). Most of our targets are at the 300 – 400 foot range, but targets may be acquired at over 2000 feet.


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Lt. Tim Jones


Sgt. Mike Gregory

Cpl. Charles Diehl 


PFC. William Tolson



PFC. Dezmon Drayton


PFC. Scott Kunce


PFC. Ray Gayhart




      2015* 2014 2013
 Traffic Collisions 2,255 2,281 2,132

  Fatal Collisions

2 2 0
  Injuries   288 381 334
Prop. Damage $6,188,605.00 $6,987,634.00 $6,076,460.00

*2015 statistics to date






If you have traffic enforcement concerns please send them to : traffic@summervillesc.gov




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