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Emergency Services Unit

            Developed and implemented in 2005, The Summerville Police Department Tactical Emergency Medical Support Unit is a highly motivated, highly skilled, highly dedicated group that is comprised of Police Officers of the Summerville Police Department.  Members of T.E.M.S. are not only Police Officers but also have specialized training as Emergency Medical Technicians trained in tactical medicine.  The officers of the T.E.M.S. Unit are all nationally and state certified Emergency Medical Technicians and have attended specialized training in tactical or combat medicine.  This Unit, like the Emergency Service Unit, is a volunteer unit.  Members of this Unit must attend training with E.S.U. and, on their own time, must attend training to maintain their certifications as Emergency Medical Technicians. 

The T.E.M.S. Unit has been integrated into the Emergency Services Unit so that superb pre-hospital medical care can be provided to a sick or injured E.S.U. member immediately upon the recognition of the illness or injury.  This is a fairly new concept in civilian emergency medicine due to the fact that the T.E.M.S. members may be placed in harms way in order to initiate and provide medical treatment to a downed officer.  Members of T.E.M.S. also provide preventative medicine to the members of the E.S.U. Unit such as periodic health and wellness checks, prolonged injury management and food inspections.  If E.S.U. were to be on an extended mission and food were to be brought in to the unit, certain types of food and ingredients used in the preparation of that food, including the temperatures of the food might cause digestive issues that would eliminate the E.S.U. member from performing his duties.  Members of the T.E.M.S. Unit will also provide medical assistance and if need be treatment to any civilian, hostage or suspect that might be encountered during a mission.  Due to the nature of tactical medicine, members do not carry expensive, heavy equipment and are taught to improvise, adapt and overcome any obstacle or situation that they may find themselves in.  They are taught to think on their feet and utilize what equipment they have on hand and to utilize items that are in close proximity to the T.E.M.S. member and the patient. 

  The Tactical Medic Unit is currently comprised of one full-time Police Officer.  Pfc. M. Simonetti is a full time police officer with the Summerville Police Department and has several years of experience as an Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate, Tactical Medic, United States Navy Corpsman and as a police officer.   The members of T.E.M.S. have provided Tactical Medic support and have trained with several local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and maintain an outstanding relationship with local county Emergency Medical Service providers.  Members of T.E.M.S. have also trained many other medical providers and law enforcement in tactical medicine to include members of the United States Armed Forces as well as multiple local Emergency Medical Services Providers and law enforcement, state and federal law enforcement as well as private contractors.  The Summerville Police Department is currently the only police department in the State of South Carolina that has a Tactical Emergency Medical Support Unit and are attempting to pioneer the concept of police based tactical medic units in South Carolina.                


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