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    We all know that children are impressionable and tend to believe what they are told by their peers and the people to whom they look for guidance. At the Summerville Police Department, our Community Resource Officers are dedicated to assisting the parents and children of our community with understanding and coping with the trials and tribulations that our children face daily.  Officers perform three roles, Law enforcement officer, teacher and counselor and in these roles, we are able to help all the members of our community.

                  The role of the School Resource Officer (SRO) varies somewhat from school to school, but their overall duties include such activities as instructing classes on law-related rights and responsibilities, drug and alcohol prevention and life skills programs. 

                    As a law enforcement officer, we present a positive, friendly  image which will allow the students in the schools to approach the SRO. This is similar to the concept of the beat officer, popularly known today as “Community Policing.”  This allows the officer to work with the same group of people all of the time.  The SRO gets to know the individual students in his/her assigned school as well as their particular needs.  The students get to know the SRO as someone more than just a person in a uniform that is there to harass or arrest them, but someone to turn to in a time of need.

           As a teacher, the SRO will find many classes in which law related subjects are appropriate and incorporate well into the curriculum being presented by the classroom teacher.  An SRO is trained in the law and has a unique perspective when applying that training in a classroom setting.  Often this perspective and information source is one that young people do not have. The SRO is an excellent resource who can help dispel myths which young people often have concerning the practical application of the law and their rights as citizens.  As a law related counselor, the SRO serves as a resource to the students who may find the SRO to be the first person they are comfortable approaching with a personal, school, family or law related problem. The SRO has a broad referral list of professionals who can give the attention needed depending upon the circumstances of the case.  

The role of an SRO includes being a Community Crime Prevention Officer.  This position entitles the officer to work various positions within the department.  Some of the other areas include; patrol duties, assisting the detective division, assisting the narcotics division, execution of warrants, public speaking on various topics, neighborhood and business watch programs as well as special operations including public service activities.  Our SRO's spend hours with young people explaining the importance of following the rules and laws.  After personally getting to know the officers, many teens have understood what so many parents and teachers are trying to instill in them; such as honesty, integrity, respect and pride.  The officers share experiences with them, experiences that have affected them both professionally and personally.  

           To be an SRO, the officer must be highly motivated, willing to work flexible hours, self supervising and draw pride from the work they complete.  The primary function of this division is to educate our young people and serve as a resource in their time of need in order to build a bridge between the youth of our community and the officers in our department.  To complete this goal, this unit must work as a team; working together to be the best division in this department.  


Dorchester District II

Alcohol Enforcement Team



Lieutenant Thomas Peterson


Corporal Sherri Williams

Corporal Sheri Williams began her law enforcement career in July 1983 at the Columbus Police Department, Columbus, Ga.  as a paid Police Cadet and in 1984 became a sworn Police Officer.  Through the years Cpl. Williams worked at other agencies (Ellaville Police Department and Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, both in Georgia) where she became a certified 5th and 7th grade D.A.R.E. Instructor,  A.D.A.P Instructor, N.C.I.C. TAC.  Cpl. Williams held supervisory positions at both agencies wherein she overseen the D.A.R.E/SRO unit, Crime Prevention Unit, Training Unit and held a position on the Child Abuse Protocol Board.  Cpl. Williams began working at Summerville Police Department in 1999 and was assigned to the Crime Prevention Unit as a D.A.R.E. /SRO.  She taught D.A.R.E. at Rollings Middle School and was assigned to Summerville High School as SRO. Cpl. Williams assisted Dorchester Two Schools with implementing the Dorchester Two Youth Court Program and is a certified Youth Court Coordinator.  She was transferred to the Investigation Unit of this agency where she spent nine years investigating juvenile offenders, child abuse, homicides, and other violent crimes.  She is certified as a Specific Skills Instructor and is a Field Training Officer. Cpl. Williams returned to the SRO Unit assigned as a SRO at Summerville High School.  She is a recipient of Young Officer of the Year and Award of Meritorious Service.




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