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The Special Enforcement Team (S.E.T.) is comprised of six officers, who were chosen by their experience to participate in a new policing approach by the Summerville Police Department. S.E.T. is more involved in the community and has several responsibilities. S.E.T participates in Community Crime Watch Meetings, where they discuss issues within certain areas and provide safety information to citizens. They operate based on information obtained from citizens, documented reports, crime stoppers tips and crime trends. They utilize programs and techniques like Community Oriented Policing and Intelligence Led-Policing to reach their goals. S.E.T. was brought to life by Chief Bruce Owens to provide a team that has more time to focus on individual needs of residents. S.E.T. works with all department divisions; Patrol Division, Traffic Division, Narcotics Division and Criminal Investigation Division to better service the community.



Lt. Tim Jones

Sergeant Jason Forsythe

Patrolman First Class Michael Bateman

   Patrolman First Class Korey Nelson

 Patrolman First Class Jason Kufen

Patrolman First Class David Barnette


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