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The Summerville Police Department's Reserve Officer Program is  well recognized and highly respected in South Carolina.  Our Reserve Unit consists of volunteers from the Summerville community and surrounding areas. Lt. Stephen Young serves as the Department’s Reserve Officer Coordinator.









   Before becoming Reserve Officers in our program, these dedicated volunteers attend over three months of  intense and detailed law enforcement training. This training includes South Carolina Law, Constitutional Law, Town Ordinances, Ethics, Patrol Procedures, Defensive Tactics, Officer Survival, Firearms, O.C. Spray, Prisoner Transport, Juvenile Procedures, Domestic Violence Laws and more. 

   Once this initial training is complete a test at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy must be passed. A passing grade certifies these individuals as Reserve Police Officers in the State of South Carolina.  With this certification these individuals can be accepted as Summerville Reserve Police Officers. These volunteers continue their training at monthly Reserve  meetings and in the field with certified Field Training Officers (F.T.O.). The Reserve Officers are allowed to attend any additional training offered by the Department.


When available, Reserve Officers are assigned with a Field Training Officer while on patrol.  The Reserve Officers will be required to complete a minimum 360 hours (the equivalent our Departments 9 week FTO program for full-time officers) with an FTO before becoming a Reserve Officer First Class.  The FTO completes the same training paperwork for the Reserve Officer that is completed for a full-time officer in the Field Training Program.  Upon successful completion or the training program, a minimum of two FTO’s must recommend to the Reserve Officer Coordinator that the Reserve be considered for First Class status.  The Chief of Police will have the final decision in changing a Reserve Officer to First Class status.  Prior to becoming a Reserve Officer First Class, the Reserve Officer must be accompanied by a full-time officer at all times.

    Our Reserve Officers work side by side with and supplement our full time Police force. Their duties include a wide variety of activities ranging from special event security such as the Flowertown Festival, Patrol, Investigations or duty with any of the divisions within the Department. Reserve Officers must volunteer at least 240 hours a year or 60 hours per quarter.  Those dedicated to the community and the Summerville Police department who contribute the required hours can gain a promotion to Reserve 1st Class.   Many of the Officers in our full time force began their law enforcement careers as Reserve Police Officers.



Qualifications for Reserve Officers

      1.    Must have a valid South Carolina Drivers License.

2.    A High School Graduate or GED.

3.    In good physical health.

4.    No criminal history within the last ten years.

5.    Must be at least 21 years of age.


The Reserve Program

1.    Complete an application. Available here:  Employment Application  or at the Town Of Summerville website. Include with your application the following:

a.    Copy of your birth certificate.

b.    Copy of your SC DL

c.    Copy of your Social Security Card

d.    Copy of your High School diploma or College   Degree.

2.    Must attend an 8 to 12 week course. This course is given at the Summerville Police Department. The course includes:

a.    U.S. and S.C. Law.

b.    CSI.

c.    Firearms training.

d.    Use of Force.

e.    Officer Survival.

f.     Use of Non-Lethal force.

g.    Diversity.

h.    Criminal Domestic Violence.

i.     Department Policies and Procedures.

3.    Must pass the final exam and the State exam.

4.    Once you have completed all exams, there will be an interview with a Patrol Lieutenant, Sergeant and Corporal.

5.    Once selected you will be issued a uniform and equipment and sworn in.

6.    Must go through the Field Training Officer Program.

7.    Must complete at least 240 hours of reserve time per year. This is by state law.

8.    Must attend monthly training and meetings.

9.   Pre-placement Consent and Medical History form

10.  Information Release

11. Release

12. Waiver of Liability


Our  Reserve Police Officers are a valuable asset to our Department and Community. Our Reserve Program is currently at capacity and we are not adding additional personnel at this time, however we are accepting applications for a future class. If you have any questions concerning the Reserve Program, are interested in becoming a Reserve Police Officer or believe you would like to attend a future Reserve Class, you can email Lt. Young

   We would like to thank Our Reserve officers for their dedication and the job they do.

Reserve/Auxiliary Law Enforcement Units are made up of persons who are interested in the welfare of the People and in the protection of property in their community.  These persons are of the "Community Policing" ilk as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).  This country's 400,000+ "ULTIMATE VOLUNTEERS" are Peace Officers who are interested in the principles of "just" and "equitable" Law Enforcement.  A well organized Reserve Division serves as a readily available source of properly trained, backup manpower for both large and small Law Enforcement Departments.  They join together to assist their local, state, county, and national Law Enforcement agencies in the fight against crime through the performance of their duties - that of effective and reliable back-up for full-time Officers.  Reserve/Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officers serve their agencies in routine Department activities, in emergencies, in natural disasters, and in special departmental divisions of expertise.  Besides donating many hours per month to their Law Enforcement agencies, many Reserves also hold down full-time jobs; plus most have families.


With proper state-authorized training requirements met and with continued education, many Reserves attain full "powers of arrest."  It is not the purpose of Reserves to take the place of regular, full-time and/or part-time Officers already in place within a Department.

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