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    Officers assigned to the Patrol Division are responsible for continually patrolling all areas within the town limits of Summerville to deter criminal activity. Our department currently has four patrol squads, working twelve-hour shifts, handling all calls for service. In addition patrol officers enforce traffic laws, town ordinances, investigate traffic accidents and provide information, service and assistance to all citizens. 

     Their dedication and commitment to protecting the citizens of Summerville is unparalleled. We actively pursue innovative community oriented policing programs throughout the Town. These uniformed officers participate in school programs, Neighborhood Watch Programs and other crime prevention initiatives. 

     The Patrol Division, consisting of fulltime sworn officers and volunteer reserve officers, constitutes the backbone of our agency. Patrol is the most readily identified function, therefore, the most visible to the public. This division is charged with the responsibility of protecting and serving the people, places and property of the Town of Summerville. We continually provide “Service with Integrity” in an effort to promote a professional image for the Summerville Police Department and to demonstrate our commitment to our community.  


Captain Douglas Wright commands the Uniform Patrol Division, which encompasses a wide array of departmental functions, to include: Uniform Patrol, Traffic Services, Special Enforcement Team, K-9, Warrants, Court Security, Training, and our Bicycle Teams.

Captain Wright began his police career in 1995 and joined the ranks of the Summerville Police Department in 1997. During Wright's tenure with our department, he served in various assignments and duties to include having been a police K-9 handler for nearly 10-years, 6 of which as the K-9 Unit supervisor.  Wright served as a member of the Traffic Enforcement Team for 2-years, a member of the Traffic Fatality Investigation Team for 7-years, a member of the Emergency Services Unit for 7-years, a member of the Dorchester / Charleston / Summerville Interstate Criminal Enforcement Team for 4-years, Honor Guard Commander for 5-years, Patrol Team Supervisor for 4-years, and Patrol Team Watch Commander for 4-years.   
Captain Wright holds an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice from Trident Technical College and is a graduate of the FBI's LEEDA Executive Leadership School.  Wright is also a nationally recognized subject matter expert in the field of street level and highway criminal interdiction, where he has instructed in this discipline at the federal, state and local level throughout the United States.  Captain Wright proudly served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves for 6-years during his tenure as a police officer. Captain Wright is an active member of the National Criminal Enforcement Association, the FBI- Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, and the Fraternal Order of Police.

Captain Doug Wright

Division Commander


Patrol Request Form 







 Lt. Dennis Henderson is the Watch Commander for Team one.

 Sergeant Larry Johnson oversees the day-to-day operation and management of personnel assigned to Team One.

 Corporal Leonard Vella

 Patrolman First Class Ray Corbett

 Patrolman First Class Gary Lipsey

 Patrolman First Class Austin Tanner

 Patrolman First Class Marshall Henderson

Patrolman First Class Jamie Jones

Patrolman First Class Krista Nussbaum











Lieutenant Rick Gebhardt is the Watch Commander for Team Two.

 oversees the day-to-day operation and management of personnel assigned to Team Two.

 Corporal Kevin Dutrieux

 Patrolman First Class Tyler Partin 

 Patrolman First Class Jonathan Litchfield

 Patrolman First Class James Bazzle

 Patrolman First Class Tyler Powell

 Patrolman First Class Adam Throckmorton







Lieutenant Rick Peeples is the Watch Commander for Team Three.

Sergeant Shannon Sharp oversees the day-to-day operation and management of personnel assigned to Team Three.

Corporal Camerun Pippin

 Patrolman First Class Tara Burke

Patrolman First Class Wayne Sealey

Patrolman First Class Amanda Huggins

Patrolman First Class Bill Cline

Patrolman First Class Anthony Tomlinson









Lieutenant Robert Shingler is the Watch Commander for Team Four.

Sgt. Nick Morella oversees the day-to-day operation and management of personnel assigned to Team Four.

Corporal Dezmon Drayton

Patrolman First Class Ben Wells

Patrolman First Class Jacob Cramer

Patrolman First Class Leta Boehler

Patrolman First Class David Barnette

Patrolman First Class Jen Dias

Patrolman First Class Arnold Scarborough





Contacting the Alcohol Enforcement Team

Town Ordinances

Patrolman William Boland Bell
Summerville Police Department, SC
End of Watch: Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Cause of Death: Vehicular assault


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