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   The Summerville Police Department is fortunate to have Narcotics Officers assigned to the Dorchester County / Summerville Metro Narcotics Unit and the  Charleston South Carolina Drug Enforcement Task Force (DEA Task Force). Having officers assigned to both increases the amount of officers and resources in the Town of Summerville dramatically without having any additional costs to the taxpayers. This also makes available to the Town of Summerville a Metro Narcotic's Detective and a DEA Task Force Officer that will respond for any narcotics investigations or arrests.

   Officers assigned to the Dorchester County / Summerville Metro Narcotics Unit  aggressively  investigate all aspects of the illegal importation, distribution and use of illegal narcotics, Officers conduct surveillance, controlled purchases, controlled deliveries, directed patrol, write arrest warrants, search warrants and execute them in the County of Dorchester and the Town of Summerville.

   The DEA Task Force is comprised of DEA Special Agents and officers from the Summerville Police Department, Charleston County Sheriff 's Office, North Charleston Police Department, Charleston City Police Department and the Mount Pleasant Police Department. (The local officers are deputized as Task Force Officers) Task Force Officers and Special Agents are responsible for identifying, investigating and prosecuting persons who violate both State and Federal drug laws. Officers respond to all major drug and money seizures in the Tri-County area and all clandestine laboratories.

   Task Force Officers and Special Agents investigate the origin of the seized money and determine if it is illegal proceeds of narcotic activity. Once it is determined that the money is illegal proceeds, the money is forfeited and distributed back to the seizing agencies involved. This money is used to conduct further narcotic investigations, purchase equipment and train officers with the newest investigative techniques available.

   Officers also respond to all suspected clandestine laboratories reported, located or seized in the Tri-County area. Officers are specially trained to conduct high risk search warrants into these locations. Once inside, officers render safe these laboratories and dismantle them. Officers photograph, identify and core sample all items located for future analysis and prosecution.




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 We would like to hear about your concerns or any information pertaining to any Narcotics sales or use!   

If you have any information Email us:  NARCOTICS INFORMATION

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