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K-9 Team Equipment

   Each K-9 Team is outfitted with the basic equipment as required based on the dog's specialty. Leather leashes, nylon harnesses and tracking leads are most popular. Each animal has a “German Steel” correction collar and its own badge proudly worn when it is on duty. They are also equipped with a lightweight state of the art bullet proof vest donated by the community.  These vests are worn only in high risk situations where our dog would be sent into harm's way to apprehend a potentially armed and dangerous suspect.

Each of our team member’s vehicles is equipped with a special aluminum insert that is molded to accommodate and protect both the dogs and the vehicle from being harmed. These inserts are easy to wash and keep clean. A rubber mat on the floor protects the dogs.  There are steel screens on the windows to prevent an unknowing citizen from being bitten or from harming the dogs. We have installed a special K-9 “Cooling Alarm System” consisting of an industrial fan installed in the window to cool the dog in cases of extreme heat and to keep the air circulating. The fan is wired to an alarm system that will sound the horn if the vehicle gets too hot for the dog. The windows will be automatically lowered and the fan will turn on. The cars are also outfitted with a "K-9 Door Popper" that, when activated by a button on the officer's belt; opens the door on the cruiser and allows the dog to aid the officer. The range on this transmitter is up to 1000 feet. The community is very proud of the Summerville Police Department and its K-9 Unit. 






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