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  The Crime Scene Unit is a detail in the Summerville Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division. The Crime Scene Unit responds to a wide array of calls and is responsible for documenting crime scenes; identifying, collecting and preserving evidence. The Crime Scene Unit also assists other units within the department with evidence processing and collection supplies.

Each crime scene is unique.  The investigators of the Crime Scene Unit use many tools and techniques in the processing of crime scenes. Many are simple and well known; others are the most advance tools available to Law Enforcement.

"Wherever he steps, whatever he touches, whatever he leaves, even unconsciously, will serve as silent witness against him.

Not only his fingerprints, or his footprints, but his hair, the fiber from his clothing, the glass he breaks, the tool marks he leaves, the paint he scratches, the blood or seamen he deposits or collects - all these and more bear mute witness against him.

This is evidence that does not forget. It is not confused by the excitement of the moment. It is not absent because human witnesses are.  It is factual evidence.

Physical evidence cannot be wrong; it cannot perjure itself; it cannot be wholly absent . Only it's interpretation can err.

Only human failure to find it, study and understand it, can diminish it's value."

Presiding Judge

Harris v U.S., 331 U.S.

145 (1947)



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Cpl.  Wade Rollings

Crime Scene Investigator 




PFC. Kimberly Farst

Crime Scene Investigator







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