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The purpose of the Summerville Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy is to provide citizens who live or work in the Town of Summerville a deeper understanding of the job knowledge, skills, and abilities required of the modern day law enforcement officer. This will be accomplished through the use of department instructors and employees with specific or specialized knowledge and experience, through the use of video and audio presentations, as well as practical “hands on” exercises.

Participants will utilize the information presented to gain a new and hopefully positive insight into the difficult challenges of today’s law enforcement personnel. By observing different areas of the department, the participants will be given the opportunity to view an officer or officers during the day to day activities of “protecting and serving” this community.

Our program is nationally recognized by the National Citizens Police Academy Association, our coordinator is Lt Rick Peeples.

Citizen’s Police Academy FAQ’s

What is the Citizen’s Police Academy?

The role of Police has always been an interest to the average Citizen. The television media has capitalized upon this curiosity with shows such as “Cops”, “America’s Most Wanted”, and “CSI”. Each week, real police action is broadcast into the living rooms of millions of Americans. Numerous police agencies have also benefited from the curiosity that citizens have about the police. These agencies have formed Citizen Police Academy programs that create an expansion of their community based efforts. These programs are intended to open the lines of communication between the community and the police department. Generally, the relationship between the police and the citizen is one of “love/hate”. To the Citizen, it may frequently appear that the police are not doing their job or are exceeding their boundaries. By allowing citizens a firsthand look at what rules, regulations and policies the police follow, some of the misunderstanding may be alleviated. The objective of the Citizen Police Academy is not to train an individual to be a “Reserve Police Officer” but to produce informed citizens. The Citizens and Police Officers meet each other face to face in a neutral, friendly setting and each becomes a person to the other. In the past, citizens have simply seen a uniform, now they have an understanding about the person behind the badge.

What is the history of the Citizen Police Academy?

The concept of the Citizen Police Academy actually started in the United Kingdom in 1977. It began in the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, in City of Exeter, England. A police night school was implemented to allow citizens, who were anxious to learn about Police functions, Police operations and the organization of the Police system in England.

The founders received an immediate response from the public. They were soon overwhelmed with applicants wanting to know about “their” police force. The project was so successful that it was permanently adopted as part of an ongoing police public relations program.

Who can attend the Summerville Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Academy

The program is open to citizens, who are at least 18 years of age, reside or work in the Town of Summerville and have an interest in learning about the workings of the police department. The Class will be limited to 20 students.

When will the next class be held?

August 27, 2015 through November 12, 2015

Where will classes be held?

 Classes will be held in the Summerville Police Training Room at 300 West 2nd North Street and at other locations as required by topic.

Where do I get an application for the next class?


 Click here to download application

Who do I contact for more information?

Lt Rick Peeples

Summerville Police Department

300 West 2nd North Street

Summerville, SC 29483-6538


(843) 285-7032 Office

(843) 851-9701 Fax

rpeeples@summervillesc.gov (**E-Mail is the best contact method)





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